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Friday, October 27, 2006
Cocoa:Greenpeace Receives the ol' F12 @ MacExpo

Greenpeace Ejected from MacExpo
Environmentalist group cries foul, MacExpo organizer claim breach of contract reasons

Environmentalist group Greenpeace was ousted from the current MaxExpo in London by event organizers who claimed they had received complaints about the exhibitor from unnamed sources.

Greenpeace purchased space for the three-day expo in an attempt to raise awareness about concerns over the alleged use of toxic chemicals in Apple’s products.

Yeah, right, exhibitors get ejected all the time...


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Cocoa:IE7 Here, but is the CSS BOX MODEL fixed?

Web Wars Redux
Last Wednesday, Microsoft released a major update to Internet Explorer, the world’s most-used Web browser. Then, earlier this week, Mozilla made a new version of Firefox, a popular alternative, available for download. The browser wars are back.

Microsoft has announced the first new version of Internet Explorer (IE) in more than five years as rival Web browsers Firefox and (to a lesser extent) Opera turn up the competitive pressure on the world’s biggest software company.


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Cocoa:Mr. DeCSS becomes Mr.DePod

Hacker To License iPod Code
London -
Just months after Apple Computer was found guilty of breaking Norwegian law with its iTunes downloading service, a native of the nippy European country has just returned the favor.

John Lech Johansen, a 22-year-old hacker known to those of his ilk as "DVD Jon," claims to have cracked the code that Apple uses to tie iTunes files exclusively to iPod players.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Cocoa:Apple iPod to remain market king

Apple iPod to remain market king
Apple Computer's iPod digital music player is not expected to lose significant market share in the next 12 to 18 months, despite the challenge from Microsoft's upcoming Zune player, a market research firm said Wednesday.
The popular Apple device, which accounts for more than three quarters of portable music players sold, shows no signs of losing momentum, having conditioned users to expect and buy regular upgrades, JupiterResearch said. Strong design and ease of use is also helping to keep sales strong.


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Cocoa:Weird Al, Reloaded

Weird Al debuts at 10

Weird Al Yankovic scored a career high in chart position and sales, debuting at No. 10 and selling 73,000 copies of "Straight Outta Lynwood" (Volcano). Of his previous 11 releases, 1996's "Bad Hair Day" had secured his previous highest position, No. 14.

If you haven't heard "Don't Download This Song", cruise on over to Weird Al's myspace page...

UPDATE: Even better, true to "Don't Download This Song" sentiments, Mr. Al has posted not one, but two complete videos on youtube.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Cocoa:SGI files suit against ATI

SGI files suit against ATI
SAN JOSE, Calif. — SGI, better known as Silicon Graphics Inc., has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against ATI Technologies Inc.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin, asserts that products in ATI's line of Radeon graphics processors infringe U.S. Patent No. 6,650,327. The complaint seeks unspecified damages and a court ordered injunction against future infringement by ATI.

"The Company's technology covered by the '327 patent is an important resource in achieving enhanced graphics processing demanded by today's computer systems," said Dennis McKenna, CEO of graphics workstation maker SGI, in a statement. "SGI has licensed this technology to ATI's major competitors and, as I have previously been stating publicly, SGI intends to aggressively protect and enforce its IP. This is the first visible step in that process."

Is your Mac infringing? Your Mac is definitely infringing!

United States Patent 6,650,327 Airey , et al. November 18, 2003

A floating point rasterization and frame buffer in a computer system graphics program. The rasterization, fog, lighting, texturing, blending, and antialiasing processes operate on floating point values. In one embodiment, a 16-bit floating point format consisting of one sign bit, ten mantissa bits, and five exponent bits (s10e5), is used to optimize the range and precision afforded by the 16 available bits of information. In other embodiments, the floating point format can be defined in the manner preferred in order to achieve a desired range and precision of the data stored in the frame buffer. The final floating point values corresponding to pixel attributes are stored in a frame buffer and eventually read and drawn for display. The graphics program can operate directly on the data in the frame buffer without losing any of the desired range and precision of the data.


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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Cocoa:13" MacBook Users learn to love "Windows compatibility mode"

Apple MacBook owners organizing class action lawsuit
Owners of Apple Computer's new 13-inch MacBook notebooks, whose systems are plagued by intermittent shutdown issues, have become fed up with extended repair times and inadequate resolutions to the problem, and are now organizing a class action lawsuit against the Mac maker.

The issue, which users have dubbed "RSS," or Random Shutdown Syndrome, has been well documented on Apple's discussion boards and other forums around the web. During ordinary use, affected MacBooks will randomly shut down, effectively rendering the systems unreliable.

Users have reported shutdown intervals anywhere from once a week to several times a day. Sometimes, one random shutdown will occur within minutes of the previous one, making the notebooks completely unusable.

Compounding frustrations is Apple's inability so far to completely remedy the issue for most users after holding their faulty systems at repair depots for lengthy periods of time.

This is what Apple gets for using Intel motherboards and integrated graphics chipset.

This isn't the portable pad I'm using, but I will say, the hardware glitches I've seen got a lot worse under 10.4.8.

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Cocoa:Intel should just pay Transmeta, they deserve it

Transmeta seeks Core 2 Duo injunction against Intel
A new lawsuit filed against Intel Corp. on behalf of Transmeta threatens to prevent the chipmaker from shipping microprocessors to PC manufacturers such as Apple Computer.

According to InfoWorld, Transmeta is charging Intel with violating 10 of its patents covering processor design and power efficiency techniques.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, seeks damages, royalty payments, and an injunction barring Intel from selling infringing products such as the Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Core and Core 2 processors.

The lawsuit comes after the two companies failed to agree to licensing terms, said Transmeta's President and Chief Executive Officer Arthur Swift. "Friendly win-win discussions between the two parties had broken down and we thought is was appropriate now to turn to the courts."

I'm sure this is true. Most of the big semiconductor manufacturers have wide cross-licensing of patents. Without these power-reducing technologies referred to in this article, Intel would not be currently supplying CPUs for Mac portables. You can bet that much.

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Cocoa:8-Way MacPros likely to be Shown @ MacWorld

Intel to preview quad-core Xeon MP
Intel to preview quad-core Xeon MP
Intel is planning to preview on Friday its ultra-high-end, quad-core Xeon MP processor. The chip, code-named Tigerton, is scheduled to ship in the second half of 2007, an Intel spokesman confirmed.
Intel will show off the processor at a media briefing to be held in San Francisco. The Tigerton device will officially ship under the Xeon MP 7000 Series moniker. The MP designation stands for multiprocessor. This means that the 7000-Series parts are intended for use in servers with multiple sockets; thus, a two-socket system with dual Series-7000 MP chips would in fact have eight physical CPU cores.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Cocoa:Black Box: SUN Proves the Network is not the Computer

It’s a Shipping Container. No, It’s a Data Center in a Box
MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 16 — Sun Microsystems has developed a novel “data center in a box” in an effort to transform the fundamental economics of corporate computing.

The expandable computer system, called Project Blackbox, is based on a standard 20-foot shipping container and can be deployed virtually anywhere there is electricity, chilled water and an Internet connection.

Designed by Danny Hillis, giant among nerds.


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Cocoa:Video iPods Ship with Virus!

Apple's "Covert op" to Bring down Microsoft

NEW YORK ( Reuters) - Some of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod digital music players shipped in the past month carry a computer virus, according to a posting on Apple's technical support Web site.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Cocoa:Poser 7 kommt noch 2006 auf den Markt

Carbon uber alles!

Poser 7 kommt früher auf den Markt, als es Hersteller e frontier ursprünglich angekündigt hatte. Die nächste Version der Software, mit der Profis und Animateure 3D-Figuren und Animationen erstellen, soll in englischer Sprache noch in diesem Quartal erscheinen.


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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Cocoa:"Recompile" not available for Office 2007

Microsoft delays Mac Office 2007 release
Microsoft doesn't expect to ship the next version of its flagship suite Office for the Mac until the second of half of 2007, confirming a report from last month. The next version of its flagship office suite will bring an enhanced look and feel to match Mac OS X's interface evolution, and enhanced features as well as Universal Binary support for native performance on Intel-based Macs; however, Reuters reports that the company does not expect to ship the much-anticipated Universal update until eight months after the release of its Windows counterpart.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Cocoa:iMage USB Webcam for Mac now available

iMage USB Webcam for Mac now available"
Ecamm Network and Pico Instruments Tuesday announced the new iMage USB Webcam for Mac. The lightweight, portable webcam delivers high-quality video to any popular Mac video application, including iChat AV, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and Photo Booth. Employing USB video standards, the iMage webcam requires no device drivers to be installed prior to use with Mac OS X or Windows XP.


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Cocoa:Apple Engineer under double NDA leaked MacIntel on Public List

Apple Engineer under double NDA leaked MacIntel on Public List
One time on an Apple mailing list for a java developer preview (aka pre-release) I let the Intel build leak in a minor and non-obvious way. There unfortunately aren't archives of this list kept by Apple, and I no longer have my copy of the message. I believe I wa explaining how to determine what libraries your library needed, or perhaps to determine if your JNI library was pre-bound. This is done with 'otool'. I usually provide options to have 'otool' give lots of data about the library being inspected. This includes its FAT header information. I provided an example in my email, and I was working on my Mac OS X Intel build machine. I copy and pasted the information into my email, and I snipped all of the Intel information. However (and memory escapes me) I had somehow left something funky in there. I believe it may be the dependent libraries are listed twice, once for each architecture

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Cocoa:This year, MacIntel, next year, back to PowerPC

IBM's Power6 gets help with math, multimedia
SAN JOSE, Calif.--IBM's forthcoming Power6 processor can count to 10.
That may not sound like anything special for a processor whose clock ticks at a rate approaching 5 billion times each second. But Power6 can count to 10--and perform numerous other mathematical operations--with the decimal digits 0 through 9 rather than the binary digits of 0 and 1 used by conventional computers.

I'm for it. Each year, Apple chooses the best CPU available and builds the most amazing machines possible.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Cocoa:Google says "Uncle" to

Google acquired for $1.65 Billion in stock.
YouTube is a popular video sharing site which allows users to easily upload and share video clips. Following the acquisition, YouTube will continue to operate independently with its own branding.


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