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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Cocoa:2G iPod Nano rumoured for August

Second-gen iPod nano on tap for August
Apple will roll out the second generation of its iPod nano music player at its Worldwide Developers Conference, insiders tell Think Secret. The new nano is said to be very similar to the company's current offering but will feature increased capacity and be available in multiple colors, some of which will feature a metal alloy enclosure.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Cocoa:Nike+iPod Kit to Launch

Nike+iPod Kit to launch with fanfare
Nike and Apple will officially release the Nike+iPod Sports Kit on Thursday, July 13. The Nike+iPod Sports Kit was announced in late May and features a small transmitter which, when placed in a special compartment unique to Nike+ shoes, records and wireless transmits running information. This information transmitted by the shoe can be later reviewed with iTunes. So far, this kit only works with the flash-based iPod nano player, not the large iPod with video or smaller iPod shuffle. The Kit costs $30 while the new shoes will cost between $80-100 at retailers. To use the Nike+iPod Kit users require iTunes 6.0.5 or later is required on a Mac or PC.

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