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Friday, November 9, 2007
Cocoa:Waving Cash Still Successful for Microsoft Research

The Microsoft I once knew had virtually no serious researchers. However, there's nothing like waving a big handful of cash to attract top research talent.

Waving Cash Still Successful for Microsoft Research
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Veteran supercomputer researcher Dan Reed will join Microsoft Research as its new director of scalable and multicore computing. Reed brings to Microsoft a long background in parallel computing and activism in technology policy matters, as the group gears up to tackle problems that have puzzled scientists for twenty years.


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Cocoa:Digital Microphones in Silicon

Filed in the, "hey I didn't know that dept."
TI Embraces Digital Mics
Akustica introduced what it claims is the world's first digital microphone in 2006. Texas Instruments "recognizes that digital microphones are becoming more commonplace," said Kaigham (Ken) Gabriel, co-founder of Pittsburgh-based Akustica. "We just sold our two-millionth digital microphone. It took us 15 months to sell our first million, but only three months to sell the second million."

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Cocoa:Apple iPhone 1.1.2

Ah, I long for the good old days of the Commodore 64. Anyone remember firmware in ROM? Turn on the power and 3s later the computer is ready to go.

Apple iPhone Update
Apple sometime tomorrow afternoon is expected unleash the fourth software update for the iPhone since the handset made its U.S. debut back on June 29th.

Boss, sorry I'm late. Honest, I was on time for work, but I had to flash the EPROM in my Prius before it would let me pull out of the driveway.


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