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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Cocoa:Ah, the Transition to Intel is Finally Complete

Intel Macs Plagued by Freezing
A growing number of users have reported that Apple's aluminum all-in-one computers suffer from a flaw that locks up the interface, rendering the system all but inert until a reboot.

Customers participating in Apple's official support discussions (one, two) have reported that the new iMac will technically continue to run when the freeze occurs, but that it becomes impossible to control or switch to programs without a hard reset.

"Whatever was going on at the time continues, so if you were listening to music it continues to play," one user wrote. "The mouse pointer moves but you cannot select anything. Tabbing through apps doesn't work."

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By : Cocoa-Touch Coder Ah, the Transition to Intel is Finally Complete


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