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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Cocoa:13" MacBook Users learn to love "Windows compatibility mode"

Apple MacBook owners organizing class action lawsuit
Owners of Apple Computer's new 13-inch MacBook notebooks, whose systems are plagued by intermittent shutdown issues, have become fed up with extended repair times and inadequate resolutions to the problem, and are now organizing a class action lawsuit against the Mac maker.

The issue, which users have dubbed "RSS," or Random Shutdown Syndrome, has been well documented on Apple's discussion boards and other forums around the web. During ordinary use, affected MacBooks will randomly shut down, effectively rendering the systems unreliable.

Users have reported shutdown intervals anywhere from once a week to several times a day. Sometimes, one random shutdown will occur within minutes of the previous one, making the notebooks completely unusable.

Compounding frustrations is Apple's inability so far to completely remedy the issue for most users after holding their faulty systems at repair depots for lengthy periods of time.

This is what Apple gets for using Intel motherboards and integrated graphics chipset.

This isn't the portable pad I'm using, but I will say, the hardware glitches I've seen got a lot worse under 10.4.8.

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By : Cocoa-Touch Coder 13" MacBook Users learn to love "Windows compatibility mode"


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