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Wednesday, December 25, 1996
Cocoa:Steve Jobs: DoD, Navy, DARPA top NeXT Customers

DoD, Navy, DARPA top NeXT Customers
"Who are our customers? our competitors? What is NeXT's 'compelling advantage'?," he asked. NeXT was genuinely surprised when they did this exercise in the summer of 1991, and Steve now presented NeXT's answers. The first group of customers (*the one Steve is most enamored of) is Financial Services, which was SUN's first commercial market. He listed Phibro Energy, First National Bank of Chicago, Swiss Bank/O'Connor (previously SUN's largest site), Union Bank of Switzerland, JP Morgan, and TRIMARK as installations with triple- digit commitments to NeXT. Second was Government, at all levels. DoD, Navy,DARPA (which bought one for every Principal Investigator), the City of Baltimore, and the LA Sherriff's Department were all mentioned as significant customers. Unmentioned were NSA and the CIA.

By : Cocoa-Touch Coder Steve Jobs: DoD, Navy, DARPA top NeXT Customers


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